Scalp Examination

hair & scalp examination, diagnosis & treatment

During the consultation, David will try to establish the cause of the problem by examining the scalp and obtaining information from the patient. If necessary, the hair can be examined microscopically or analysed for its mineral levels. David may suggest that specific blood tests be run.

Once the problem has been diagnosed, David will discuss the cause with the patient and decide whether the problem:
• requires topical and/or internal treatment and, if so,
which treatment would be most beneficial
• is such that referral is necessary.

David Salinger works closely with specialists in a variety of fields; general practitioners, endocrinologists, dermatologists and psychotherapists. He can also give advice on hair transplantation and hair care.

David's advice is frequently sought by solicitors and insurance companies in connection with lawsuits involving hair loss, hair breakage, hair damage, allergies and scalp problems. The preparation of a legal report normally involves a consultation and examination of the hair under a microscope. David is the most experienced legal witness in Australia in connection with hair problems.


Hair loss, baldness, scaling,
itching and excessive oiliness
are problems from which many
people suffer.

David Salinger consults more women than men with trichological problems.

Common problems are:
• excessive hair loss,
• patches of baldness,
• thinning of hair, and
• scaly scalp problems.

Consultation Fees
• Initial consult & examination $120
• Follow-up visit $50
• Microscopic analysis $35
• Mineral analysis of the hair $165

Fees are not covered by health funds.

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